Student Self-Reflection Report Card

Student Self-Reflection Report Card

Student Self-Reflection Report CardName:

My Report Card

Grading Marks
M = I do this most of the time or all of the time.
P = I do this part of the time.
N = I am not doing this yet and I need to work on doing this more.

Directions:  Grade yourself using the three letters above. Be very honest!

1. I listen while others speak.
2. I take care of books and all other class materials.
3. My writing is neat and can be read easily.
4. I follow instructions.
5. I ask questions when I am confused.
6. I work quietly and independently.  I do not bother my neighbors and I get my work done.
7. I like to work together during group activities.
8. I like to read AR books by myself.
9. I enjoy reading as a class (at our seats or on the carpet).
10. I keep my desk neat and tidy.
11. I like to share my writing with others.
12. I enjoy the writing activities we do in class.
13. I finish my work on time and I turn in my homework on time.
14. I walk around the room quietly.
15. I work and play well with others.

1.  My favorite subject in school is ________________________________
2.  The subject I am best at is ____________________________________
3.  I want to do better at ________________________________________
4.  Do you like school? Why or why not? __________________________
5.  So far, what has been the best part of this year? _______________
6. Is there anything else you would like Ms. York to know? Please write or draw it below.

Student Self-Reflection Report Card.pdf

Student Self-Reflection Report Card.doc

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